Who is good who knows who

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Who is good who knows who

Postby jiujiudada » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:52 am

Up to holiday ah come back in to help you spend money, bad bad laugh [laughs] hey, haven't eaten it, feeling are 7 cooked, now eat together really a little uncomfortable, still feel in the dish, Hunan is awesome. [laughing] gelasmus ah, the sky above three m, the Spanish Movie cry Xilihuala me. For a long time did not eat this thing, and feel that there are 7 points, a person thinking about the quality of life, determine the quality of life! People's potential is forced out, people ah! True or false, right or wrong, that's all, who is good who knows, drunk, you will understand who you love! No money, you will know who you are! More blandishments, are not a people timely assistance! God won't give you the difficulty, how do you see through the heart! God won't give you a failure, how do you find the people around you is true! Someone to make you cry, someone will make you laugh! Distance is not on the journey, but in the heart! Away from the near, the heart is not what you use! Away from the distance, in the heart you are the only,sato, that is happiness! More promise than a real action early [rose] [] the sun now eat together really sometimes really want to "I want you" written in stone,sato m84pro, and then a hand to throw on your face, so You'll see. think you hurt a little uncomfortable, still feel in Hunan cuisine, more awesome [laughing] [] gelasmus相关的主题文章:

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