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παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα - "

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"Xiaoxiang, so I am two months, not one month,παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα, one month later,παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα, I came back to marry you."
People simply repeating, and I startled in place.
A long time, only to find Tsing Yi silent words, quietly standing behind me, look deep unpredictable.

Beginning of Chapter 5
Beginning of
The war officially started the next day,παπουτσια nike air max ανδρικα, two million demons army under siege, I looked at this floating in the sea of clouds in the Huan Cheng. Silver-gray walls, Spike usually bite the gate, flamboyant city of the first written word - Zhangshui.
The sky is surging dark, the wind had held high the battle flag, blood-red badge fluttering dance of the spirit world. I rode a grim quiet locust animal, wind, wind and percussion in the silver mask on, there is the sound of sand. Spike-like gates open, long black cavalry with the tide out of the city.
Magic, led by army generals, by the flame of a red dragon, a white jersey, silver, such as silk, purple pupil in the flow, Yi Mei limp walk, even handsome as a god.
Two armies confront each other, slightly behind the silent words a salute, broke and said: "left the military base, silent words would like to make the first array, please indulgence."
I looked daggers at him, hands: you are automatically out to die, I can have any views?
His eyebrows of a challenge then, angry stare back, eyes clear that to say: Enough talk, fast accurate!
So I touch authentic: "quasi-!"
Red embroidered gold armor made of silent black and his head making an angle,φθηνα παπουτσια nike air max 90, the body of a, strange shape, the body of the flame plus donkey ("donkey?" Once Meritus confusion, look around the field, and then bent hammer to cry said: "My Phoenixah ")
A devil dressed in black military cloak of the teenager by a monster horse tiger leaping crowd holding wand toward the magic dragon who will be a micro-salute, said: "Xing Jun, until fragrant flow up, took his head to. "stars that flame angel dragon on his mouth Xiemei laugh at me, slightly nod:" Chen Jun careful. "
I wand to see the other black, slightly called out: "silent words." Donkey back to the silent words on the back, eyes a move, but the meaning is clear: Do not worry.
How can I be assured, in fact, such a war,φτηνα nike air max, though in mythical circles, for a century, from the eyes of civilization, it is extremely foolish. Group would be very, very long life of people, but why here you cut my knife I stabbed your sword, and sometimes really can not figure.
Donkey and horse tiger monster clash, the action is only flash points,φθηνα παπουτσια nike air max, such as Feng Chi power thoroughly. But in my eyes are like a slow lens. Feijian silent words, hit Chen's body care in the enchantment, the Jianguang breaking into the time, Chen's only a dark black air staff to intercourse, Chen angel turned around and vomiting, a Jianhen, from the left shoulder until Youyao. Silent words the body flash, three steps back under the seat of the fire ass.
Long a star flame angel on the convergence of micro-Mei Feng,φθηνα παπουτσια nike air max, restrained their way to attack Chen: "flow comes back!"
Chen angel there some unwilling, but in the end is not disobedience,φτηνα nike air max, return policy seated. Silent words quietly retreated behind me, his face pale.
"Chi-General Yeh, Jiuyang name, today saw, really Nice to meet you. War is not the case, decided by the outcome of how you and I?"
Silent words push me, hands up.
I stare back at him, look at his hands empty, teeth and said: "You want me to go hard TM, at least, give me arms first." Silent words the body flash, whispered: "Warlock division is by ideas, as long as the magic enough, your thoughts will become reality. "
I urge the quiet locusts came, thinking about weapons, suddenly it will be out of the hands of the Bise of Guqin! By, when I went to dinner ah. The Chi-leaf magic, it really is quite pursuits.
I hold the qin came up, weigh a little weight, see Qulong front of you guy illegal channels, Dan Yiqu if I do not know incensed me not? Finally, self-comforting: and then bad, it can also be used to hit each other head.
"To be generic!" Welluhit seems to be the first such costume dramas in the howl of a voice, right?
"For the next star angel one thousand." Opposite that white angel standing high on a red flame dragon, smiling mouth, a two-edged sword of blue ice in his arms, clothing, wind action, purple eyes light flow , Xiemei and temptation.
"Uh " I swallowed, and sometimes do not know what to say, a long while reluctantly said: "lay down their arms, good deeds!"
The crowd quiet.
For the thousands on the flame dragon, waited a long time after the hand chops grilled hair, magic will be back GU: "uh, are you sure this is Chi-leaf?" " The appearance is."
"Once upon a time the first leaf Warlock division Chi?"
" People really are this person slips on."
" "
Flame dragon swooped down, I was shocked, silent words Chen He: "Call!" Flash my mind: "God, ah, call one of the greatest guy to help me, Amen." And then green flash, a thing dropped to the ground. A person, Nongmeidayan, a black chin-chi, speaking in Mandarin Hunan flavor, said: "Which to me ah, Comrade?" Turned out to be !
My body flash, almost secluded from the plant down on the locust. Minority soldiers are confused, I turned around Gu Gu, silent hand made according to the forehead, for the appalling state. Spray flame dragon's heat has been on me, under an emergency, dial finger piano, yet there are invisible strings along the mean away, fierce fire broken strings even draw dragons, dragon's back flying into the sky a thousand wishes, piece of string escape the net, full of purple pupil in shock: "Qi Tianqin!"

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