Billige Ecco Herre Sko i - "Kim

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Billige Ecco Herre Sko i - "Kim

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"Kim?" a voice sounded dim to see someone take over, "how did you come here?"
A minute later, we see gold wild goose face charges Universal; but do not know is to see him,Billige Ecco Herre Sko i, except he who will call themselves "Guinness"? Pie Piezui she said: "Mother afraid you a lonely person here, I brought you something to call you to eat!" Then call back a bit clear flowers, food baskets she motioned to him,Billige Christian louboutin Classic Sko i, but sit on their own they found a place to sit down and drink tea.

Warm 2

Clear flower food baskets to open the boxes of cakes to open on the coffee table, coffee table sitting fee payment Universal wild goose across the opposite, looking at those delicate pastries, said: "I feel bad in the end, or your mother!" He held out his hand is To pick up a green bean cake and eat suddenly the door came the sound of a shade: "fee which brother is good leisure! Hey, this is Sao Furen it?" said Kim looked wild goose, he seemed to be kind wild goose fine the way until golden eyes face feeling blushed and lowered his eyes and busy; they looked at a few cakes on the road, "fee brother good luck!"
Universal stand up fee arch of the hand and greeted him: "Golden brother! Friends not seen for many days, today, how come free?"
The man walked straight fee Universal Jian Li also said: "Oh! What free not empty? Ordered a few days ago went to a nearby town, today, come back,Billige Dame MBT Boots Sko i, naturally want to return to work! Oh, ah Bitter ! which costs brother like you, busy, busy time is just like when, just sitting drinking tea on the line! also particularly lucky today, there is a soft flowery wife sent Yuxiang cake! "Then wait for the others hello, they own a piece of sweet cake caught my mouth up, while still ambiguous eyes with a pair of wild goose who slipped straight gold.
Gold wild goose quite unhappy, the Chazhong to put a few on a heavy, if according to modern thought, "courtesy", we should put her cup of tea poured some into his face to go!
Atmosphere a little embarrassed, as everyone began to charge for Universal Description, he pointed to the man red gold wild goose said: "This is the board of war doctor Zhenwei around adults Fan Xin Wei Lee Golden, vice Lee adults!" Golden wild goose to stand up, Ying Ying Shi a ceremony.
Universal also introduced the gold wild goose fee,Billige Nike Flyknit Lunar2 Dame Sko i, said: "This is my wife, Kim!"
Listen to his presentation with other people also call themselves "Guinness",Billige Toms Sko i, gold wild goose could not help but to laugh,Billige Christian Louboutin Mary Janes Sko i, but had to make awkward choked. Golden Lee looked at her the way it is a flattered, not consciously, ha waist nods: "ah, Nice to meet you Nice to meet you! It turns out that is Sao Furen ah, if I had known this then, a few days ago, Lee will not should stand, but his help it! "
"Uh?" Golden wild goose can not help but wonder at him, "Lee adults, are you talking about?"
Universal has a strange charge to gold wild goose asked: "What happened?"
Lee Golden smile, said: "Look Sao Furen now safe and sound way, presumably was set near misses, and so Lee is also the hearts of little more practical! Sao Furen really out anything if it can be all Lee's fault!"
Gold wild goose, said: "Lee adult you have the wrong person, right? Xiaoyan recent days have not had any matter, and adults with Lee never met!"
Lee Golden, said: "how Sao Furen do not remember it? Few days ago, Lee was ordered to travel through a grove west of the city, see Sao Furen panic rushed out, followed by a young man also behind the wave to catch up! Lee then also want to come to the rescue, but the public In the body not delay! "He looked at the golden wild goose," Sao Furen so Huarongyuemao rarely found, Lee saw it was memorable, definitely would not admit it! "
"Oh -" gold wild goose finally realized who he said, and sat down, said: "You say that Yuwen Ling ah! Mind that guy have a problem, you do not care for him!" Then everyone will feel strange eyes, she was a rude awakening - "guy" is the word, the ancient woman seems less likely to use! Kim could not help feeling the nose wild goose awkward smile, quickly tear topic said, "I said, thinking that person is too stubborn, if everything would care about him, only to his own tired! In fact he had no malicious , and after careful, do not touch the surface with his wants! "
Yuwen Yuwen Ling Ling

Sudden visit 1

The name of the same feverish nightmare wrapped around gold wild goose, she carefully not to give yourself the opportunity to meet him,Billige Christian Louboutin Sandals Sko i, so that two days later when Owen Ling suddenly appeared in front of her incredible stared, trance like thoughts also vowed that day immersed in conversation
"Three little lady, asked to see a scholar!" Jia Ding suddenly the door to a report.
"Is to find three young master? You did not tell him, he is busy in the official board of war?" Golden wild goose does not make him think.
"No! He was to see three of your little lady!" Jia Ding said solemnly.
"Uh? Find me?" There she know how the "scholar" do? Gold can not help wondering to Shuaishuaitou wild goose, "who, where?"
"He has been invited to the garden to wait!"
Wearing a gown of blue cloth that people quietly standing in the stone table and held hands,Billige New Balance 990 Herre Sko i, leaving only a wild goose back to the gold. Gold wild goose gradually approached about opening greeting, the man seems to hear voices, they suddenly turned, Yuwen Ling who is not? So bright gold wild goose gradually involuntary smile will freeze in the face.

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