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 dressed in a sweet fragrance to diffuse in her mind, erase the shy, sweet intoxicating left standing.

  suddenly a burst of fog, the Murong Wen Qing Ding Weiqiang has been sitting in the arms of two newlyweds as dependent as intertwined.

Why are you so negative I

"Wen-ching, why are you bear me?" Sub-Chu Hsiao loudly questioned.

Murong Wen-ching opening Ding Weiqiang, took the child Hsiao Chu, loudly: "sub-Chu, do you believe me, do not you see, is the books are in discrete us, harm us, you have to believe me."

"I have seen,Billige Nike Free Run 4.0 Dame Sko i, you let me how to believe you?" Sub-Chu Hsiao loudly replied, looking very sad.

"Then I to die Ming." Murong Wen-ching said a single word.

Hsiao Chu reported the child to sneer.

   female sigh Come on! Persons with no delay.

  Xi Shi of the delay, still can be said also.

  women's delay Xi,Billige Nike Free Run 3.0 V3 Dame Sko i, not to say. "

Murong Wen-ching with a bitter look jump the cliff.

"Wen Qing, Wen-ching." Chu Hsiao child shouted.

Turned out to be a dream.

Why they would do such a dream.

Is there any hint.

"Xiao days, Zheng days." Chu Hsiao child shouted.

Zheng days immediately rushed in: "Prince, what orders?"

"Miss Murong how kind, how?" Chu Hsiao child in the face of all sweat.

"Prince, how do you now?" Said Zheng days of fear, "not to please the imperial doctor."

"Go ah!"


Zheng Xiao Tiangang door, has been sub-Chu Hsiao stopped.

"His Royal Highness Prince Edward, what orders?"

"I have the following words are not allowed to tell people, saying, I want your pathetic life, you know?" Sub-Chu Hsiao seriously Road.

"Yes, Prince."

"You, there, there is no" sub-Chu Hsiao Chun for a long time as it said, "You have not heard about Miss Murong things?"

"I, also followed this ,,,,,," Zheng difficult days, he really does not know anything about this to say should not say.

"Fast talk ah!"

"I heard Miss Murong hemoptysis had."

"What?" Teng Hsiao Chu child stood up, started to go.

"His Royal Highness Prince Edward, you ,,,,Billige Nike Free Run 4.0 Herre Sko i,,," Zheng days to live the Emperor pointed the direction, that means you go out middle of the night, His Majesty the Emperor will be pursued to know, when I do I's can not afford this ah.

Hsiao Chu understand the child, a means Zheng day: "Quick, put your clothes to get me a set."

"What, Prince, you ,,,,,," Zheng day surprised," so late. "

"I want to see the night does not close tightly guarded Xiangfu? Kuai Diana!" Sub-Chu Xiao Zheng days of fierce stare toward the road.

That kind of thing you do not do it again

Xiang Fu, late at night,Billige UGG New Tall Sko i, people are asleep, but the backyard of a house has lights.

The house but there are still two people talking.

"Like Murong Wen-ching's boudoir, so late, stay up, do the text is clear and Murong and Ding Weiqiang together." Roof of the brain and Chu Hsiao child fever, and anger.

Three unto the roof removed.

How is three, that is Qi Xiao cream shadow sub-Chu, Hsiao Chu to where her son to where.

Near, near. Ding Weiqiang also heard the name, really angry.

Ear to the thin roof to listen to.

"Wen Qiang, Ding Weiqiang when to come see the little slut ah?"

Murong wife's voice is, why she cared so much about Ding Weiqiang and Murong Wen-ching things, concerned about the middle of the night do not sleep too! Impression that Mrs. Murong Murong Wen-ching is very cold, regardless of life and death.

"Mother, you do not do the kind of thing."

A man's voice, also known as Lady Murong Mother, this is what people ah, Xiao Chu to take the child to open a tile, even to Litongwaiguo Murong Wen Qiang, he even returned to the capital,Billige New Balance 572 Dame Sko i, still living in the Xiangfu.


"Wen Qiang, what nonsense you ah!" Murong wife pretending to be puzzled Road.

"Mother, the last thing the text is simply SD Ding Weiqiang you under the drug, do not do such a thing, and your mother, your sister's things doing too much harm, and father like Mu Wenqing sister, you kill people close to her, but also put the words of the text is clear of troubles sister, sister, let alone a clear text live on the outside, Wenqing sister home with great difficulty, you should not harm her, and into it? "

"I is not good for you,Billige Nike Free Run 5.0 Herre Sko i, you little slut father captivated by her mother, although God has eyes, the little slut of your mother's early death, but this little slut so much alike her mother, and I do not to do so, you will notice that your father do? also blind could see the little slut like Prince, I do not stop, your sister there in the palace after quiet location? fast, tell your mother, and that Ding Weiqiang Murong Wen-ching when the next meeting, I have some medicine and then the next, so that Prince completely given up on this little slut. "





Chu Hsiao child's hand clenched, knuckles issued a "creak" sound

Romance, meaning thick

Sub-Chu Hsiao really want to punch down,Billige Dame Puma Run Sko i, fiercely thrown several hand Murong wife, but he can not, he is Prince, and late at night Sichuangminzhai, he can only come secretly, secretly action.

Chu Xiao son is now the most wanted to see their sweetheart Murong Wen Qing, Wen Qing live children do? Smooth sub-Chu Hsiao look eager heart, thinking Murong Wen-ching boudoir position.

Months,Billige Nike 989 Sko Herre Sko i, the pre-trial Murong Wen-ching of Chinese parasol tree still standing.

Murong Wen Qing accompanied only a maid, that maid has long been asleep, the moonlight is only a feeling of anxiety she filled the stands, pure face hung a string of crystal tears.

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