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Dragon spirit coercion and the spirit of Ner'zhul slavery, both difficult to describe the magical ability to counter-balance. Finally, Ner'zhul's face a smile of victory, and Laixia has become more delicate forehead sweat.

"Forgot to tell you, my spiritual strength enough to enslave the Dragon." Ner'zhul Laixia than fighting in the same time, do not forget to show off their achievements,Billige Dame Puma Run Sko i, it seems he single-handedly led to the fall this Safei Long Battle things, is still quite proud of. "I accept the slavery of it,Billige Nike Free Run 3.0 V3 Herre Sko i, maybe I need a faithful servant."

Laixia Ner'zhul hear a word on when it would have been angry. Although she never met with Sa Feilong, but there were not the Dragon's humiliation and hatred. Then, abruptly, Lai Xia Yuan Deng beautiful eyes up, "I forgot to tell you, the Dragon will not be enslaved by anyone!"

Raging red light scattering in Laixia body out of her petite body actually began to crack, Ling flow of bright light, the whole general area is dyed crimson flame!

Laixia cries roar gradually replaced over the ice cap in the light of Britain at the moment, the dragon's call and also singing the volley!

Pass the first time actually open, re-transmission time. Then today, the second chapter. . .

From the point of 5L in 5L 5L 5L Network 5L authorized to release the text books all in laixiashu

Destruction of the frozen continent to defeat the enemy Chapter 35

(From the point of 8G 8G 8G paper 8G in network update time :2007 -1-6 4:45:00 words in this chapter: 3006)

"What what happened outside, why do we have locked up in the inside, I'm going out!" Fenner hands slapped Laixia left barrier,Billige Nike Free Run 4.0 Herre Sko i, cry, she wants to go out, they can not break through. Only non-stop complaining.

In this protective barrier, in the Laixia go out when the barrier is covered with a layer of dark eyes. Resulting in the outside can not see inside any of the circumstances, Fenner and her silver dawn in which the players are around, all with the outside world as if isolated. Although it is impossible to observe the real pinnacle of ice, but keen Fenner is also aware that outside the barrier, after going out in Laixia misfortune seems to have any.

Though Ner'zhul strong so that they can not match, but Fenner is a good strong heart can not allow ourselves to do battle in this Masterpieces of spectators,Billige MBT Sko i, she is also a burst of Qiaolian teeth.

"Miss Fenner, let us here waiting for it." Fighter Argent Dawn behind her long,Billige New Balance 990 Dame Sko i, that is called Lauren's big head very respectfully said, "like Al said, we are not evil opponents we are looking forward to the first edge traitor, traitor Karl now in the body, but it is the soul of the devil, let us here for His Royal Highness Prince Arthas pray, miss. "

Wensheng, Fenner hit the magic barrier of efforts to gradually slow down, and finally dropped her hand to silence. She also did not know the devil's terrible, but it is because of this, she was more urgent I want to go out and fight side by side. Especially in the Laixia left barrier,Billige Convenser Sko i, the Fenner this idea becomes more strong together. Now that Lauren's persuasion, she gradually came Ming Wu, really wash away the look of sullen and anger, his hands clasped together Bangui in the ground, sincere Weibi eyes, start to pray.

Fenner quiet and elegant, so silvery dawn light up everyone's eyes are in their thinking, the supreme leader, Fenner the silver dawn. Bear the sword, has been a tough chic image of a strong woman, and her belief in fighting and courage, even higher than men, but it has been revealed that the daughter of state. They also have come to realize this time, this strong woman leader seems to have begun to change, become feminine, while the change seems to be the man in the face after the start of, the magic of Prince Arthas.

Silver Dawn barriers among members of the prayer, and in the outside barrier, but it is a chaotic scene. Death breath, light force,Billige Nike Herre Sko i, the spirit of Ner'zhul's spirit of slavery and Laixia coercion, in Laixia recovery time with the true shape of the turbulence loosed, intertwined, inextricably.

Dragon form Laixia bow overlooking Ner'zhul's spirit more powerful than the previous coercion moment to gather his past, the Dragon's giant body itself with a kind of intimidation momentum, which no doubt the spirit of the Dragon coercion is not a small increase in power.

"Red Dragon ?" Ner'zhul become surprised by the aghast, so to speak, when there are some incredible tone. But the next words, but also exposed the evil nature of his greed, "It seems I have to thank God damn about, and actually arranged so good for me prey."

Laixia projection of the nasal cavity in the hot Breath,Billige New Balance 576 Herre Sko i, her arrogant declaration of Ner'zhul very nose. A spray under the Long Yan, hit in a flash just stop Ner'zhul over the place. Hot flames are lit even ice, Lung inflammation after the accumulation of years of ice is also opening a furrow into the hole.

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