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"Tang Xiaoyu, your uncle, you then play the fool,Billige New Balance Herre Sko i, I can be angry." Every time I Sapo, Tang Xiaoyu will be no choice but to touch my head, said to me: "Well, can not give you the whole truth." However, he Why froze, looked at me strange, I was a monster it?

"I am not Tang Xiaoyu." He was impatient, he is not Tang Xiaoyu,Billige Toms Canvas Dame Sko i, Tang Xiaoyu He might not ah. Jia and I look on as peach, Tang Xiaoyu also live in the 21st century, how will this be him. Tang Xiaoyu impatient, it will roar, and he would say: "Don Wan, you little monster, so you will not let me live." How he would and I am so polite.

"Excuse me, ah, you look like my brother. Mistaken." Samsam my face and he explained.

One o'clock silent, then rode on ahead. We like this city Douzhequanzi Young, but not in the mood to enjoy Kyoto.

"Where?" He began to ask me.

"Your." I may say, not only because he looks like Tang Xiaoyu. I have not a burden, they can not return to the palace,Billige New Balance 880 Herre Sko i, where I can go. Since he has saved me, I had hopes in him the. If he was not Tang Xiaoyu, then, not necessarily to save me. I do not know him, he does not know me, I fell on his hands now considered. But I bet, and bet his face like this and Tang Xiaoyu, but do not bet I have not choice.

Led a small two horses to feed, I followed behind him into the restaurant.

On the second floor window of the place to sit, looking out the lively eating food market, very nice.


What, my name is Don Wan, Jia peach, or?

"Flirting,Billige Christian Louboutin Boots Sko i, my name is Flirting, Tang Xiaoyu's brother." Baihu brother you do not mind, I just borrowed it to use with.

"Where are you from?"

Where are you from, where people I do. In this, besides Yang City,Billige Nike Air Max 90 Dame Sko i, do not know another place.

"Taohuawu" Taohuawu, right, enjoy a display of live Taohuawu, I thought to fend for themselves.


"Small place, the village, you do not know." I am busy to explain.

"Why do people catch your palace?" Heard this, I looked at him Leng Leng. I had caught that he knew several people who are YANG Yun-Huan. So why does he want to grab YANG Yun-Huan person? I will not get to go to deal with the YANG Yun-Huan. Or any grudges against him and YANG Yun Huan, was robbed me. Brain scan quickly to find possible answers, but, no. His face was calm enough, I do not see anything. Almost think that he is having fun.

"Pick of the palace of things, you can see, they take back a burden." Crap it, we can not tell him that I was YANG Yun-Huan's wife, ran away from it,Billige New Balance 990 Herre Sko i, which they also considered this avant-garde of the bar.

"Thought it was stolen it, turned out to be picked." He deliberately pick the right word heavy, but it seems do not believe me. Steal? Palace of the things I can steal it, I need you to save. I would say that stealing is not immediately expose your lies.

"How can that this thing." Hey I giggle to cover up the heart of the contempt, I do not believe you can ask the Han to.

Blunt side of a fat chicken dish plate, she asked him.

"Xiongtai High surname name, ah, no rescue of the grace that report, but also disturbing, really sorry." Chopsticks difficult to use, the clutch out too chicken, watching his face, carefully nibbling.

"Nothing saving grace, I'm just fun only, you really made a big deal, I will send you back." He did not look at me, while charging a mouthful of wine, watching people coming and going downstairs. Hanging, talking mouth smile, lips slightly higher.

"Will afford you that this is a whim, to take my little life joke ah." I also uphold the ����one�ھ�, I sure he was not Tang Xiaoyu had. TV is not reality and there is always the same, I thought I was in front of this face is always the protagonist as a result, my God this does not have to try to do a supporting role to the taste of this child.

"Let me save you, unless you give me a legitimate reason,Billige UGG New Short Sko i, such as your identity." His eyes narrowed a little more, sip a mouthful of wine, still do not look at me, I know he did not believe me it.

"Tangmou were a civilian, Jianming one, mistakenly allowed to pick up the burden of the government of Wales, did not expect something on it, they also worthwhile so nervous." Then out from the arms had been worn by a piece of green peach Jia The Warm Jade, it is a token engraved Peach Court, Jia peach from leave the body. I know this stuff is very expensive, so, also have been close at hand, now comes out onto trains.

"Oh," he took the jade glances, I thought he would accept my jade,Billige New Balance 1500 Herre Sko i, but he did not. This surprised me, at least know who he is not short of money.

"My life is very valuable, probably not worth a man in the street, allowing the Prince to offend." Man in the street life is not worth it? Reasonable manner at this time to see him the way, but fortunately he's not my Tang Xiaoyu, I thought to myself.

"He lives to or distinction, are not you three more dead Hades, not to keep people to just before dawn. At that time his life is gone, where can you. Is that you need to kill your killer money than what I need to kill. "

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